Diets with high fat food

You can imagine you do not hurrybut regularly consider it yet another diet. A surprising diet is the diet food with lots of fat … good fats naturally, though. That fat per gram contains more calories than other foods, and fat in a diet (the LCHF diet) is used, the diet world gets the nice upside. It seems, according to this diet that we focus on the wrong things. But how does it work?


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Go Green tips: how to recycle

Paper first


Every tonof paper recovered helps to avoid the cut of 15 to 20 trees! This is a significant gain considering that Canada is the country where people cut a lot of trees in the world.

The manufacture of paper from secondary fiber (recycled) is cleaner than from virgin fibers.

The well sorted fine paper can be recycled up to seven times.

Newspapers account for approximately 30% of domestic waste.

Recycling reduces from 23% to 74% the use of energy, the use of 58% water, 74% of the air pollution and 35% water pollution.

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Electric Foot Massager Buying Guide At Your Fingertips

Stress is not all bad; it can help increase alertness for better performance and boost memory. However, stress must be manageable so that it will not leave harmful physical and mental effects. Having a relaxing massage in a general and foot massage in particular after a long working day can relieve the stress and restore energy for the body. To save time and money going to a spa, you can opt for a portable foot massager at home and enjoy the benefits of massage anytime you want. Foot massagers are available in two main types: the manual type (which is very simple in design and usage) and the electric type. The following guide will focus on what you look for in electric foot massagers.


Electric foot massagers apply electricity to carry out massaging actions. Powered with vibration, electric foot massagers are capable of providing deep massagers to effectively treat pressure points on the feet. There are vibrating massagers, infrared massagers or shiatsu massagers for different foot conditions. Foot spas and foot calf massagers are special types of electric foot massagers that provide extra massaging benefits: foot spas combine water and heat for exfoliating and relieving pressure and chronic pains while foot calf massagers can treat not just the feet but other parts in the low body like ankles, knees, and joints. In buying an electric foot massager, you need to consider the following factors:

  1. Therapeutic value

Electric foot massagers can provide more therapeutic value than a manual one; however, the benefits they offer depend on specific models. Vibrating massagers, infrared massagers or shiatsu massagers operate differently and are suitable for different conditions. You should choose the type of foot massager that fits your conditions and requirement the most. Vibration and infrared massager are good for proving blood circulation, easing tense muscles and reducing swelling but if you have moderate pain and look for better kneading, shiatsu massagers will be suitable for you. In case you want more than just massage, choose bath style massagers and enjoy extra relaxation from jets and bubbles.

Therapeutic value foot massager

  1. Ease of use

A foot massager with real benefits should also be the one that makes it easy for you to understand how it operates and how to control it without looking up the manual all the time. It should be for your comfort, not a pain in the ass.

  1. Cost

Of all the types of electronic foot massager, foot calf types tend to cost the most. But bear in mind that that the most expensive machine is not necessarily the best. Foot massagers are available in a wide variety of price range for your selection.

  1. Size and weight

Ask yourself if you want a portable foot massager which you can carry with you during your travel or a model that is really big and heavy to stay in one place (like in your bedroom)

  1. Durability

You are probably not the only one that uses the foot massager in your house; maybe other people also use it. Also, you may need to use it very frequently to relieve stress and pain. Therefore, the foot massager you buy should be made of good and sturdy material to withstand frequent use from various users of different ages and weight.

  1. Features

Foot massagers normally come with many features and you may find some absolutely necessary while others can be redundant. Choose wisely so that you wont end up with a machine with lots of features you wont need but you need to pay more for them. Here are features that are worth checking out

  • Variable speeds: that is an important feature you definitely should get so that you can customize your massaging experience and make it more enjoyable. Slow or fast, gentle or intense, you will be the one who decide that. Different models provide different number of speeds; some can allow you to choose among 11 different settings.
  • Heating function: This is a welcomed feature for added therapeutic benefits, especially in blood circulation. It helps you feel more relaxed.
  • Cushion surface and non-slip base: A cushioned or padded surface where you place your feet and a non-slip base will bring you more comfort and safety.
  • Control: Generally, you need to bend down to adjust the settings on the foot massagers. However, you should consider models that allow control with your feet or those with remote control so that you can make adjustment without having to change your position or stop the massage.

Foot Bath Massager benefits

There are other added features depending on the type of foot massage you choose. For example, in a foot spa: you can consider splash guard feature to avoid water splashing around, detachable pedicure add-ons, detachable pumice stone, or aromatherapy dispensers. The more feature you choose, the more you need to spend, though.

19 tips for a healthier life

I am often asked if it is possible to summarize the healthy advice to a few simple rules and easy to remember. I tried to summarize all I have learned in this area over years of practice. This gives nineteen tips. I hope they will carry you happiness to you!

At table



Opting as often as possible for main diets like those before 1950: 80% of vegetables and legumes, more than 20% of animal protein. Exactly the opposite of steak and chips with the lettuce leaf that makes configuration and anemic tomato slice that accompanies the good days. The meat becomes a condiment to add flavor rather than central to our plate.

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Tinkering with children at home: beads made of paper


Beads rolling strips of paper is a fun and simple technique which is suitable for all ages, even for young children. Toddlers smear glue to strips to roll, and with pencils to make the beads with large holes where they can later easily thread a chain. Older children can turn them into skewers and choose different textures or images. The paper beads may later be painted.

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Is Trampoline Safe for Children?

trampoline safety tipsWhen choosing the best trampoline for kid to enjoy the fun, you just have to decide the size, safety and cost. Trampolines are popular exercise for children but nowadays, adults begin to realize the benefits of health which trampolines bring. Joy during trampoline exercise is wonderful.

Evaluate the cost as well as quality of trampoline

When you are going to buy a trampoline, costs almost always reflect quality; you are paying for the best design and the materials. In addition, we also attached the best service for you. A high quality trampoline will be used for a long time and we believe that you have used the amount of money and the value of it correctly. That is: Frames and springs rust, ease of assembly, Heavy-Duty PVC-Coated Polyester and so on.

Trampoline Safe

Start a new day and feel happy on trampoline with countless benefits that it brings

According to a failure analysis company, when doing research on the relative risk of the daily sports activities during the childhood, it has been proven that injuries happening in the center of trampoline’s surface are more than jumping from trampoline to the ground. Risk of riding a bike is as three times as risk of using trampolines. Derek Hanson – former head coach of acrobatic team – University of Calgary believed trampoline is good for children. But he also said before buying trampoline, it is the best for parents to participate a course of how to use trampoline safely. Children get injured by trampoline largely due to movements beyond their capabilities or too many people on trampolines.

Some notices when using trampoline:

  • Adequate clearance must be available before you assemble your trampoline, at least 6 meters overhead and 3 meters surrounding trampoline.
  • Do not jump continuously for long periods
  • Master the acrobatic skills.

If used correctly and properly, trampoline provides your family great entertainment. Please follow all safety precautions that Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends. Some tips that make trampolines safe for children are:

  • Always supervise children when using the trampoline
  • Allow only one person on the trampoline at a time
  • Children under 6 years old should not use a trampoline at the full size
  • Do not allow children to perform cartwheels in the air
  • Do not allow using the trampoline only with covers springs, hooks, and frame and without buffering
  • Trampoline with safety enclosure can prevent injury due to falling out of a trampoline.
  • Trampoline MUST be set up on level grassed area only. Trampoline MUST NOT be assembled on concrete or any other hard surfaces!
  • Never jump off a trampoline, always have to climb.
  • Keep bouncing low and under control. Rebound in the center of trampoline’s surface.
  • Respect the maximum weight limits. Avoid jumping for long periods of time and when you are tired or breathless. Don’t bounce when you are pregnant or have circulatory disease.
  • You shouldn’t wear jewelry while jumping and should leave sharp objects from your pockets.
  • Do not use the trampoline under the influence of alcohol as well as any medicine.

Best Tens Unit for Back Pain Treatment and Relief

Do you like going to the movies with friends, going on a picnic at the weekend, shopping every lunch and so on. Don’t let your preferences be prevented by a back pain or shoulder pain. Be happy every time, smile and do whatever you like. Choose a Tens unit for yourself so that no pain can bother you.

best tens unit

As a normal day, you have to sit at a desk for 8 hours, working with the computer. For the remaining time, you are on the road, in the kitchen for cooking, washing clothes, cleaning the house; so a lot of work makes you exhausted.

By the end of the day, you just want to lie on the bed because you have got tired back and sore arms. Let’s relax by using tens unit immediately to terminate the pain and have good sleep.

Some Highlights of Tens Unit:

tens unit reviews

  • Tens Unit can treat many diseases: cold, stomach pain, constipation, arthritis in shoulder, abnormal menstrual period, and disorders of sexual activity in men and so on.
  • Tens Unit often has many modes: Tuina (Push & Pull), Acupuncture, Tapping, Guasha (Scraping), Cupping, Weight loss, Body Building, Combination.
  • The machine is developed based on the principles of the meridian lines of Chinese Traditional Medicine, Biological electricity, physics and modern microelectronic techniques, combining clinical practice.

With small device, the electrical impulses will be transmitted into your body via 4 pads. Apparently, the electrical impulses pushed back the pain where they are running through. Immediately, the fatigue disappears and instead, it is extremely relaxed feeling. Add a little music in your room, you will feel like you are in the lovely spa and being cared for by the gentle hand to relieve your pain.

With this little device, you can take care of the health of whole family. First, give your husband a nice surprise. Has your husband got leg pain because of the football match? Let him try the best tens unit for back pain. Do not be surprised when your husband showed off shoulder pain because this device made him feel very comfortable. A user left comment as follow “This little TENS Unit is fabulous. I have used these electrical stimulators in the office. It is easy to use and puts out a nice current. My husband and I both use it for pain control we have Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis. It is amazing.”

The Tens Unit will be a treasure if your family has elderly people. Old people suffer from pains: backache, shoulder pain, leg pain, bone pain, joint pain and so on. Teach your parents and grandparents how to use tens unit. Don’t get the pain hurt your loved ones.

With the above benefits, you have found Tens Unit is wonderful machine. In fact, this machine also has greater benefits. The device contributes to cure many diseases such as cold, stomach pain, constipation, arthritis in shoulder, abnormal menstrual period, and disorders of sexual activity in men and so on When shopping this machine you will have detailed instructions for using each patient by different regimes. if you would like a portable, easy to use, long lasting, impulse massager, tens unit is probably going to be what you are looking for.

How to choose the best essential oils: Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Essential oils are made by extracting different parts of different plants. Therefore, they come in incredible large range of types. And with its amazing benefits for people, there are so many essential oils manufacturers who sell essential oils in the market. They all guarantee their essential oils are the best and 100% ‘pure’, which make us confused. Actually, it is quite difficult to identify the quality of essential oils unless we already use it for a while. However, there are some things you should notice when you want to find the best essential oils.


1. Purity

The term “purity” is one of the most important factors for evaluating the quality of essential oils, especially the oils used for therapeutic functions. However, there haven’t been any official definitions or standards of “purity” for essential oils. The 100% pure essential oil can be generally understood as the oils that distilled from 100% natural materials without adding any additives or synthentic chemicals. Of course, this understanding is just relative because even if the essential oils are affirmed of produced by only natural material, it is not sure to be the 100% pure one in case that natural material is not a pure enough.

There are many reasons to reduce or effect on the purity of essential oils. The first and most popular reason is some manufacturers incidentally adulterate others components such as additive, chemicals to make essential oils in order to save the production cost. The other reason is the plants to distill essential oils is not qualified enough for extracting (the farm where to grow the plants doesn’t provide enough good factors to create the best components for making essential oils, for example the soils is poor, the weather is inappropriate, problem in harvesting,…). The last reason is that the distilling process sometimes can impact on some components of essential oils (eliminate some components or change the chemical balance of the oil).

The fact is we have no way to check whether or not the essential oils are totally pure or not because we cannot define the components just by looking or smelling. That’s why we have no choice but trusting the prestige brands, checking through quality tests (such as GC or MS tests).

2. Label

Checking the label attached on each bottle of essential oil is really important. Usually, the good quality essential oils are contained all the details of information about the product. You should buy the essential oils which are cleared about country of origin, method of distillation, distillation date and expiration date, and especially the botanic name (Latin name). These information are all affected on the quality of the essential oils. The botanic name of essential oil is a real matter because different chemotypes can provide different composition. For example, there are multiple varieties of rosemary or bay or cedarwood and each type has different components which can change the therapeutic functions. The country of origin can provide the information of weather conditions, soil condition that have impact on the quality of the plants.

3. Bottling

Essential oils are very sensitive to the container and the environment, therefore, it is important to use specific container. Most of the essential oils are held in the dark colored glass bottle because dark color (especially amber) make essential oils not be damaged by the light, and glass is the material which is not dissolved by essential oils. Aluminum is another acceptable material used for bottling essential oils. You should avoid the essential oils bottles with rubber eyedropper bulb in the top because essential oil also can dissolve rubber.

4. Organic, unsprayed, wildcrafted

Organic essential oils are always the prior choice when purchasing essential oils. Anything related to ‘organic’ means no synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers used to grow the plants. And the essential oils labeled organic are the indicators of high quality and free-chemicals. ‘Unsprayed’ means the plant growers don’t spray their herb farm. And some essential oils are certified as ‘wildcrafted’ which means their plants is cultivated in completely natural environment or harvested from wilderness areas.

5. Brands

Choosing the prestige and ensured essential oil brands is the easiest way to have the high quality essential oils. You should choose the suppliers who make you feel trusted and comfortable with clear and explicit processes of making essential oils, from origin of materials, distillation processing to packaging and storing. These brands need to have diverse experiences about essential oils (you can check on their websites or online stores) as well as a long-term excellent reputation which is valued by many customers. Some popular brands are Young Living, Rose Mountain Herb, doTERRA, Aura Carcia, etc.

Moreover, you should choose the brands which is the member of NAHA (the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy) because if they are its member, they will meet the quality standard of NAHA – the non-profit American educational organization devoted to aromatherapy.


In short, there are 5 things you should consider when choosing the best essential oils for using, especially for oil diffuser. They are purity (GC/ MS testing), label, organic/unsprayed/wildcrafted, brands and bottling.